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Multi Battery Charger DR

Multi Battery Charger for Panther DR Series

Multi Battery Charger MCDR is designed for charging DR battery pack, with features including status indicators, secure DC in connector, and BVA protection.

Technical Specification


  • 12 ~ 32 VDC with BVA


  • Standard: 2-pin MIL (200 W AC Adapter)
  • + Optional: 3-pin MIL (90 W AC Adapter)

Battery Compatibility

  • DR main battery pack (BDA3A)
    DR second battery pack (BDA3B)

Battery Ports

  • 2x main battery
  • 2x second battery

Charging Time

  • Main battery: approx. 5 hours
  • Second battery: approx. 7 hours

Dimensions [W×H×D]

  • 180 x 85 x 185 mm


  • approx. 470 g